Sometimes, you feel like a massage is ideal, especially after some stressful or tense stay in the office. The hot stone massage is a household name for individuals who fancy massage to relieve the strain after long working hours. It is a unique technique where massage therapists use hot stones placed at specific parts of your body to perform regular massage practices. Basalt is the most common rock that many therapists use during massage because it retains heat for long periods. Smooth and flat rocks are often the best too. Therapists place the rocks in hot water to warm them up before using them during the massage to ease up your muscles.

History of Hot Stone Massage

The use of hot stones for massages dates back around 5000 years. It originated in India to relieve tension in the human body’s muscles. The Indians used the term Ayurveda to refer to the practice. The Chinese adopted it from the Indians around 2000 years later. They used round stones called ‘Bian’ and mugwort to treat different ailments. After several years, the practice eventually found its way into Hawaii, formerly called the Sandwich Islands. ‘Kahunas,’ ancient medicinal ‘Shamans’ rubbed the hot stones in leaves and applied them on the body to relieve pain. The practice eventually landed on the Native American sweat lodges. They used stones to relieve muscular pains, and the practice has existed till now.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

The following are the most common benefits of using massage therapy


  • Pain Relief – The practice helps to relieve pain in various parts of the body. It also acts as a symptom remover for conditions like fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disorders.
  • It is a Stress Reliever – Massaging relieves stress. The practice helps to improve cardiovascular health and greatly eliminates anxiety.
  • It Increases Joint Flexibility – Muscle tension in the body will lead to eventual painful joints. The practice helps in relaxing the muscles and easing your movement. It helps eliminate aspects of sleeplessness that are caused by insomnia or a strenuous work schedule.
  • It Aids in Better Sleep – The practice is a perfect remedy for people with sleeping disorders.
  • Is the Practice Safe? – There is minimal skepticism regarding using hot stones for massage therapies. It only takes a smooth stone and some warmth to remove the strain on your muscles. However, most therapists have the following exceptions for people who should undergo the massage:
  • Individuals with Broken Skins – Anyone with broken skin should avoid the massage until they heal. The procedure will only increase their condition by causing further damage to the tissues.
  • Individuals under the Influence of Drugs – The use of drugs before any massage is not a good idea. The procedure requires constant feedback for the therapist to understand the impact of their massage. Individuals under the influence often give misjudged feedback, eradicating the practice’s success.


Therefore, this therapy is ideal for you if you feel like you have some tense muscles. Its long history has seen it metamorphose into a perfect remedy for various ailments. SKP massage LLC is one of the best massage parlors in Ohio and the United States. We have the best reviews from our former clients due to our dedicated and qualified staff at SKP massage. Call us today, and be sure to walk out of the SKP massage with fitter muscles and lesser anxiety. You can also check us out on Facebook!

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