Massage is an ancient, non-medical therapy that works by pressing, tapping, kneading, and stroking soft tissues. Massage techniques have proven to be effective in relieving cancer pain. Healthcare professionals have realized the positive correlation between cancer and massage.

Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery are effective. But have adverse side effects that emotionally and physically affect the patient. Massage therapy is a safe and effective therapy option that helps cancer patients reduce pain. In addition, there is evidence that massage improves well-being and quality of life by reducing pain.

Cancer-related Pain

Pain is the most common symptom among individuals living with cancer. It is a manifestation that the disease has spread to other tissues. Acute and chronic pain is common among cancer patients. Chronic pain lasts for a long time.

Cancer patients suffer from neuropathic pain caused by damage to the nervous system. Cancer treatment, including radiation and chemotherapy, is associated with neuropathic pain due to damage to the nervous system.

Also, visceral pain is also common among cancer patients. Individuals diagnosed with cancer experience pain in internal organs. Including the pelvis, abdomen, and chest. Tumors in cancer patients activate pain receptors by putting pressure on these organs. Above all, visceral pain in cancer patients is also caused by the general invasion of cancer and stretching of the viscera.

Cancer patients also experience surgical pain which lasts for weeks. For instance, they struggle with phantom pain, a long-lasting effect of surgical treatment. Cancer patients who have undergone surgery to remove the affected body experience pain and unpleasant feeling from the missing body part.

How Massage Relieves Cancer Pain

Cancer and massage are inseparable in today’s approach to cancer treatment. Also, massage techniques reduce pain severity and intensity in cancer patients. They give cancer patients the ability to relax their muscles, reducing pain. Muscle relaxation reduces discomfort and aids in soothing pain caused by curative procedures.

Massage therapy helps reduce pain by boosting the production of endorphins. The presence of high levels of endorphins in the body is associated with pain reduction. Endorphins relieve pain levels by loosening aching, reducing swelling, and easing muscle tension.

Cancer and Massage: Benefits of Massage in Chronic Pain

Massage reduces chronic pain and improves well-being by allowing cancer patients to escape from the disease. It reduces chronic pain by relieving anxiety and relaxing painful joints, tendons, and muscles. Massage therapy benefits cancer patients experiencing chronic pain by impeding pain signals from and to the brain. Besides, massage relieves chronic pain by stimulating competing nerve fibers. Trigger point massage is the best technique for relieving chronic pain.

Cancer and Massage

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