Expectant mothers go through a lot of stress, so it is natural to wonder if they can receive a massage. Fortunately, the answer is a qualified yes. Massage and pregnancy are generally safe and beneficial for expectant mothers.

A qualified massage therapist can help pregnant women relax. And sleep better and find relief from back pressure. They also treat specific areas of the body. Generally their stomach, legs, and any unique pressure points that may trigger contractions and premature labor. So having a knowledgeable massage therapist familiar with the necessary symptoms of pregnant women and massage is essential.

What is a prenatal massage?

Prenatal massage is primarily a modified Swedish massage technique. The standard form is through the use of long, sweeping strokes to massage the body while at the same time offering only minimal pressure to the body, as deep tissue techniques may prove dangerous to the mother, the baby, or both.

Naturally, the expectant mother will not lie on her stomach, typical for most massages. As the pregnant mother lays on her sides or back, both cushions and bolsters may be applied to keep her comfortable during the massage.

The Benefits of Pregnancy and Massage

According to the American Pregnancy Association, there are many potential benefits to prenatal massage, including:

  • A reduction in anxiety of the expectant mother
  • Reducing the effects of hormonal depression during pregnancy
  • Relief of muscle and joint pain, mainly back pain.
  • Reduction of swelling, which is common in pregnancy
  • Better sleep during pregnancy
  • Finding the right therapist to perform prenatal massage.

Despite the many benefits of prenatal massage, you must have a skilled massage therapist that you can trust.

Generally, massage therapists will not treat an expectant mother in her first trimester of pregnancy and may require doctors to note that prenatal massage is okay.

This is very important when a pregnant woman has high blood pressure that is still high even after taking medication, high-risk pregnancies, and recent injuries or surgery.

As the therapist, they should have a special certificate in prenatal massage, an immaculate and orderly shop, and have substantial experience in prenatal massage so that the pregnant woman can relax and feel totally at ease.

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